Thanks for your continuing support by donating monthly products, and soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste. A box is available in the Hall of Fellowship for any donated items…
Thank you for your excellent response.


Could we pray for our Christian family in central China. They are facing a rise in persecution due to a change in government rules and regulations. Churches have had windows smashed and property confiscated. A local official was spotted demolishing a tile mural depicting Jesus on a private home. Please join in unity and support our fellow Christians.

News Items for Website

If you have  a news item that you would like placed on the churches website, we would be grateful if you could email all the information to the webmaster.  If you have an image to go with the item, could you also send this  with the information.

Submissions can be sent to news@nullglenburnparishchurch.org.uk

It is with great sadness we have to announce the death of one of our long standing Elders,
Ian Hastie who passed away peacefully on Tuesday 25th July. He will be very sadly missed.
Funeral details to follow.

Paisley Events

This page will show local church events in Paisley. For information please see ‘What’s coming up”

We are now on Twitter

Over the last few months we have been working on integrating our various web presences. Our Facebook Page are now integrated, with any news item posted to the website appearing automatically on Facebook.

Our Twitter @GlenburnParish will operate in the same way, posting to the website and then on to the Facebook page.

As we move forward in our Aniversary year, watch out for further technological developments!

Helping You

Handshake_4Baptisms |Weddings | Funerals

Anyone inquiring about any of these should contact Iain our minister.

Tel 0141 577 1200

Circle of Prayer

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray – he knew what he was doing. The proper place to begin anything – in life, in church, is in prayer – it’s crucial. If we don’t talk to God, we feel on our own.

When we do, all kinds of things are possible.

We have a Prayer Circle of 17 people who will commit to pray daily for each request you give us.
Please be assured these requests will be treated in the strictest confidence and please be encouraged- for prayer lifts people and situations up to God and is a blessing to us all.

We can can expect things to happen! We tend to complicate things, God doesn’t. A whole range of answers to prayer can be expected. Healing, comfort, peace, encouragement, relegating fear to its proper place, new beginnings, restored relationships, and so it goes on and on.

Sermon podcasts updated

Please check out our services/ sermons recently added to the podcast pages.

For copyright licensing reasons we do not include hymns and songs.  We hope this does not spoil your viewing experience.

News items for website

If you wish to send news items for the website, please email the information along with a relevant copyright free image to the webmaster.  If you are unable to find a suitable image, we shall endeavour to find a suitable copyright / loyalty free image to use as the featured image.

Please email submissions to news@nullglenburnparishchurch.org.uk