Circle of Prayer

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray – he knew what he was doing. The proper place to begin anything – in life, in church, is in prayer – it’s crucial. If we don’t talk to God, we feel on our own.

When we do, all kinds of things are possible.

We have a Prayer Circle of 17 people who will commit to pray daily for each request you give us.
Please be assured these requests will be treated in the strictest confidence and please be encouraged- for prayer lifts people and situations up to God and is a blessing to us all.

We can can expect things to happen! We tend to complicate things, God doesn’t. A whole range of answers to prayer can be expected. Healing, comfort, peace, encouragement, relegating fear to its proper place, new beginnings, restored relationships, and so it goes on and on.

Sermon podcasts updated

Please check out our services/ sermons recently added to the podcast pages.

For copyright licensing reasons we do not include hymns and songs.  We hope this does not spoil your viewing experience.

News items for website

If you wish to send news items for the website, please email the information along with a relevant copyright free image to the webmaster.  If you are unable to find a suitable image, we shall endeavour to find a suitable copyright / loyalty free image to use as the featured image.

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Golden Age Club Activities

The Golden Age Club   normally meets in the Large Hall on Tuesday afternnons at 2pm.


Schools Outreach

Our outreach programme continues at Gleniffer High School with the Hot Chocolate Cafe every Thursday lunch time, for 1st and 2nd year pupils. Our new term will begin on Thursday 31st August.


Sermon Podcasts

Over the last few weeks we have been experimenting with the recording of the Sermons on a Sunday morning.  We are pleased to say that we now have a suitable system in place to present a reasonable recording on the webite.   We shall publish the sermons as soon as we can after the service, to allow those who can not make it to the church, to hear what has been preached.


You can click the Sermon Podcast link in the menu or Click Here to here our back catalogue of Sermons.

Developments in the Sanctuary

Several years ago, the idea of creating a space for tea/ coffee in the west wing of the sanctuary to relieve pressure on a very busy Hall of Fellowship was planned.

Recently with the help of Presbytery, the General Trustees and CARTA, we have succeeded in making this development a reality. Check out our new cafe area!

Tearfund Connected Church

5p coinWe are collecting 5p coins for the Tearfund Malawi Appeal.

Remember to bring your 5p’s with you when you visit the Hall of Fellowshiptearfund logo

House Groups

Our Housegroup meets fortnightly on Thursday Evenings in various homes. This is a very informal Study Group where we have fellowship look at Gods word together and finish with light refreshment. Everyone is welcome.