The George Street War Memorial and Roll of Honour

George St UP  Roll of Honour
George St Roll of Honour
war memorial
George St War Memorial comprising the Communion Table and three chairs.










From the congregational minutes:

George Street Church Memorial Committee

20-6-1919 It was reported that the treasurer had £122 1/- in hand and expected to have about £237 17 6 available in the end, as elders had visited their districts. Mr James Duncan had donated £100 himself.

5-12-1920 The Memorial Service

The Kirk session met within this church on the morning of Sunday 5th December with the managers and ex-servicemen for the purpose of joining with the congregation in a special service arranged for the dedication of the war memorials.

The memorials consist of a Communion Table bearing the names of those 35 from our congregation who had given their lives in the Great War, an arm chair gifted by an elder, Mr John McCulloch, in memory of his son who died as a result of wounds in France and two communion chairs, a foot stool gifted by Mr Robert Jeffrey and a tablet bearing in addition to the names of the fallen, a roll of those who had served, constituting a full Roll of Honour.

There was a very large congregation. After sermon and praise the congregation rose to their feet while the moderator read over the list of the fallen.

They then proceeded to unveil the table, after which Messers, McCulloch & Pollock, the senior elders of the church unveiled the chairs and foot stool.

Miss M Cochrane then placed a crystal vase and flowers on the table, gifted my members of the choir in memory of a respected member who had fallen, Mr Mathew Holms. Then the Moderator solemnly dedicated all to the glory of god and to the memory of all who had made the great sacrifice. While the congregation remained standing he proceeded to the vestibule of the church, followed by office bearers and ex-service men, where the Session Clerk unveiled the Roll of Honour, which was also solemnly dedicated to the glory of god and to the memory of all these names it bears.

After prayer, Praise and Benediction, the last post was sounded by buglers of the 4th Paisley Company of the Boys Brigade. The Lament was played on the organ. The buglers sounded reveille and the singing of the nation anthem closed a solemn and impressive service.

Signed Graham Park, Moderator (Minister) and Earnest Thompson, Clerk,

From the Session minutes, George St, Church National Records of Scotland Reference CH3/ 654/10